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Although Round Table has an age limit of 40 that doesn't mean that you get kicked out, never to be seen again - quite the contrary in fact!

The 41er's Club is an association of past members of Round Table. Generally meeting once a month, members keep in touch and continue to enjoy the friendships that were made as members of the Round Table.

Even more importantly, members of 41er's Club provide invaluable help and support to the Round Table, particularly when it comes to organizing fund raising and charity events. There is also a tradition in many Round Table clubs of offering past members, honorary years or inviting them to be Table President, so a great many ex-Tablers continue a very close association with their Table for a long time. Plus, 41er's join the Round Table at many functions and dinners throughout the year.

For more information about 41er's Club check out 41 Club - The Association of Ex - Tabler's Clubs.