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BANGALORE METROPOLITAN LADIES CIRCLES NO. 5 is a member of Ladies Circle India, an association of women comprising of the wives of the members of Round Table India. The motto of the movement is "Friendship and Service" and its purpose is to promote community service wherever possible.

At the National Level we have an education scholarship trust. ADHYAPANA SAHAYA, whereby scholarships are awarded to students for Primary and Higher education including professional courses and vocational Training. It is our endeavour to provide FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION. Economically backward children, to whom education would otherwise be denied are given a chance to look to their future hopefully. They are given a chance to live, to learn, to put their knowledge to productive use.

A project close to the heart of BMLC - 5, we have both received assistance and given assistance to the cause of this project. Deserving candidates have received help from us and are on their way to make us proud. This year an amount of approximately Rs. 50,000/- has been disbursed to 9 such deserving students to help them to complete their education in various streams like Civil Engineering, ICWA, PUC, Graduation in Arts, Science and even in Business Management. One of our students who completed his MBBS with our assistance is now completing his PG Diploma in Anesthesia with the Mysore University.

The ladies of BMLC - 5 also work Hand - in Hand with B M Round Table - 44 in making their on - going Project ROUND TABLE SCHOOL, Roopena Agrahara a success. At this school we FEED - A - CHILD WHILE WE EDUCATE - A - CHILD. This school has grown in strength and we have over 600 students studying upto the 10th standard. These children are fed on a selected day in the name of the donor for a one - time payment of Rs.3,000/-, educated till their 10th standerd again for a one time payment of Rs.5,000/- which also include a feeding in the name of the donor. Recently six new classrooms have been added at an approximate cost of Rs.11,00,000/-. There is still a need to build more classrooms. The cost of each classroom is approximately Rs.1,20,000/- or in six units each of Rs.20,000/-. Intersted donors can make donations of Rs.3,000/-, Rs.5,000/-, Rs.20,000/- or even Rs.1,20,000/- under the respective schemes. As this project is 80G certified all donations will be tax free.

For further details, please contact Cr.Ritu or Cr.Era.

List Of Office Bearers Of BMLC 5 for 2009-2010
Cr. Pinky Cholera (Chairperson)
Cr. Anchal Attal(Vice-Chairperson)
Cr. Jyoti Gupta (Secretary)
Cr. Reitu Agarwal (Treasurer)
Cr. Nupur Handa (IPC)
Conveners for the year 2006-2007
Project Convener - Cr. Reitu Agarwal
Fund Raising/Publicity - Cr. Madhu Menda, Cr Arpita Bagri
Fellowship - Cr. Hima Shah
Twinklers- Cr. Shilpa
Extension and IRO - Cr. Madhu Menda, Cr. Amrita Bajaj
Supply House - Cr. Arpita Bagri
Editor of Simbly 5 and LC Magazine - Cr. Arpita Bagri