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The School is completely free. We do not charge our students a single penny either for admissions/entrance or for education or for the mid-day meal or for the uniform etc., This is possible due to the donations received from socially conscious and aware individuals, corporates and organisations.

Donations in cash or in any other form such as books, furniture, etc. that can be utilized in the school are welcome. We also welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improvement of the school and itís functioning.

There are many ways that you could contribute to the school, some of these include:

  • Contribute to the Feed-a-Child scheme.
  • Contribute to the Educate-a-Child scheme.
  • Click here to download the Contribution Form.
  • Contribute to the Corpus Fund used for recurring monthly administrative expenses including staff salaries.
  • Provide funds to Build a Classroom and we will dedicate it to a person of your choice.
  • You are welcome to work at the school as a Visiting Lecturer for short periods of time and experience the true joy of providing education.
  • Enrich and broaden the studentsí personalities by contributing Books to the Library.
  • Contribute your ideas, suggestions and time for the school.


We appeal to you as a socially conscious individual/corporate to assist us financially and we look forward to your continued support. Your donation will form part of the Corpus Fund dedicated to the cause. The Corpus Fund will be invested in high yielding schemes of the Government and / or Public Financial Institution and / or Public Corporations. Should you desire, you may depute any executive to visit our school without reference to us on any working day. Alternately, we shall be happy to organise a visit, by such executive, to the school.


Round Table India Trust is a registered charitable institution and all donations to it are eligible for exemptions under Sec.80G of the Income Tax, 1961. Donations can be made in cash or by Cheque/Draft. Cheque/Drafts should be made out to Round Table India Trust - A/C and 'A/C payee'. Cheque can be sent to

VM Corp,
Suite #105, Ist Floor,
Embassy Chambers, #5 VM Road,
Bangalore - 560001