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  • Construction of modern multistoreyed building with facilities like a full fledged Laboratory, Library, Gymnasium, Music Room, Staff Room, School Office, Dining hall, Basket Ball Court etc.,
  • Building of a Corpus Fund, the income from which will provide for the recurring monthly administrative expenses including staff salaries. At preset levels, our annual outlay on the school is in the vicinity of Rs.12,00,000/-(Rupees Twelve Lakhs Only).
  • Science Lab - currently under construction (2009).
  • Library - currently under construction (2009)

  • New Science and Computer Labs nearing completion.
  • Provision to construct 9 more classrooms in the existing infrastructure.
  • Increase the emphasis on vocational training and focus on computer education for the students.
  • Get more industries and companies involved in the school through partnerships.
  • We welcome your contributions in any method towards making our plans a reality and improving the school and the education it provides.