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Bangalore Metropolitan Round Table-44 (BMRT-44), has translated Round Table India's commitment to provide a better future for the children reality by Establishing, Administering, Managing and Funding the first ever Round Table School. BMRT-44 provides infrastructure, facilities, educational aids, uniforms, conducts excursion for students and other recreational facilities - like organising magic shows, film shows, fire work displays etc.

Till 1986, the children of Roopena Agrahara village, never knew the pleasures of childhood. It appeared as if they were destined to fall prey to the dehumanizing evil of Child Labour and were born to be denied the simple joys of childhood.

These children were like any other children in all respects, with one small difference. While other children lived in a make belief world and enjoyed their flights of fancy with their Barbie dolls, these children had real kid sisters and brothers to look after. While other children played with their G-I Joe Guns, these children played with rusted nails at the construction sites. While other children made houses with Lego and Toy blocks, these children built buildings for us with cement and mortar and concrete blocks. While other children were securing their future with education at school, these children were learning the facts of life on the roads and construction sites.

Round Table High School

However in 1986, BMRT-44, was determined to provide these children with the "Right to Learn" and, brick by brick, built the first school in the village. Free Education, Free Uniforms, Free Health checkups were now available in the village itself. The School is not aided and the funds have been raised by Tablers through charity programs.

The Tablers of Round Table 44 and the circles of BMLC-5 put their heart and soul into the making of the school, a success. But alas, the benefits of Education were lost on the villagers. Child labour was more attractive. All the counselling and persuasion of the Tablers and Circlers came to naught.The villagers just would not send their children to school. Round Table-44 then introduced a novel Free Mid-Day-Meal program at school and the attendance soared. Today the school has 650 children from Nursery to Class Ten, with 300 on the waiting list.

A Registered Trust that files regular financial returns, and has all its accounts audited runs the Round Table School. Donations to the school are exempted under Section 80G by the Government of India. Please contact us for any questions, clarifications or additional information about the school’s functioning or management.

Round Table's deep concern for children and the provision of educational facilities has motivated the organization to be deeply involved in various community service programmes. Round Table believes that it paves the way towards building a better future. As a result, Round Table is placing great attention towards Freedom Through Education - a long term project that underscores its commitment to unleash greater freedom to the less fortunate children in our society through better education. Other aspect of Round Tables Community Service programmes are provision of medical and educational facilities, organising blood donation drives, contributing towards flood and drought relief, organising family planning campaigns, running and supporting school for mentally and physically handicapped children and orphanages, providing facilities for training the handicapped for vocations and organising children's immunisation camps, apart from adopting villages for rural upliftment. The activities are usually determined by the needs of the community in which the Table is located and each Table decides what type of service it should undertake. Tables usually raise funds for their service activities by sponsoring music and theater performances, film shows, publishing souvenirs, sponsorships from Corporates, etc.

Roopena Agrahara Village,
Off Hosur Road, Bangalore.